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Life With Dog/ TOS Review

Our family was given the chance to review a new movie before it even hit the stores!

Mill Creek Entertainment sent us the Movie Life With Dog to watch and review.

 It will be available in Walmart starting tomorrow, June 4th, 2019.

Online shoppers can find it on Amazon as well. 

It's going to be hard to write about this movie without giving too much of the story line away, but without doing so you will not understand or know what this film is about. 

This film is not as much about a dog as it is the main character, Joe Bigler (Corbin Bernsen).

Joe lost his wife Alice ( Marilu Henner) in a hit and run accident and he is angry and looking for someone to blame. He is suffering with his grief and even starts to believe there are some conspiracy theories going on and that different people might have been in on killing his wife.  His daughter and a pastor both try to help him but he just can't seem to be reached. He has lost any faith that he did have, which wasn't much in the first place. 

A dog wanders into his garden where he is watering his late wife's roses, and he just won't seem to go away. He eventually gets attached to the dog, whom he has aptly named "Dog". 

Joe seems to be losing his mind as he turns physical against bank members, land contractors, etc. thinking they are in on killing his wife, with the end goal of getting his home. He pulls a gun out in a couple of scenes.  One of his tirades lands him in jail where he sees Alice again. 

Alice helps Joe to see that whom he is really angry with is himself. Joe made his wife turn around and come home that day to help him find his glasses. Alice had wanted to finish her bike ride first, but Jo insisted. He knew that had he not made her turn around and come home that she would not have died that day. 

 Alice tells Joe that she forgives him, and he is able to calm down and start to move forward. He realizes that he was not always a good man to his wife and that she had such a wonderful faith in God that he always knew was right, but had distanced himself from. 

Dog eventually found his rightful owners home, and as Joe went to let the owners know that he had found their dog, he saw the truck in the garage that had hit his wife. He had been so angry and had wanted revenge so badly, but throughout his journey he realized that if his wife could forgive him, then he needed to forgive this young man. 

In the end, Joe chose forgiveness and started to believe in God, just as Alice had. He shared his thoughts with the young man, causing him to contemplate faith as well. 

The ending just shows him coming to terms that maybe God is real after all. I was hoping for a life changing ending where it showed Joe coming to God fully and becoming saved. I think that would have been a better ending, but it was probably more realistic the way it actually ended. 

I think that overall this was a good family movie that includes topics that real people go through, even Christians.There were some violent scenes that you may not want younger children to see. That would be a judgement call for parents to make. 

I watched this with my 14 and 4 year old sons. I did cover my 4 year old's eyes in a few scenes, but besides those few violent scenes, it was a good family movie. The quality of the movie was good. It was not a low quality movie like some tend to be. 

For me personally, from the wife's perspective, I got out of the movie that I should always be kind and patient to my husband even if he is a grouch. lol Because you never know how you may affect someones life. 

My 14 year old said it was pretty good. He wanted more action. lol, boys. 

I have not yet been able to watch it with my husband but he did say that he would watch it with me, and I do think it will be a movie that he will like. I think this movie is one that is more geared towards men, so if you have boys, this would be a good one for them to watch. 

I do recommend this movie as a family movie with the possibility that a few scenes may be too much for some younger children. 

You can get this movie for $11.99 in stores from Walmart tomorrow or online at Amazon

I do want to mention that Mill Creek Entertainment is not a Christian company. They do carry movies that are Christian based, but they also carry other movies that you may not find appropriate for your children, so just be aware of that if you let your child browse the site for other movies. You may want to leave the browsing for yourself. The faith based movies are mixed in with rated R movies. Just something I wanted you to be aware of. They do have some great family movies on the site though! 

I am not the only one to review this movie, so please go and check out my fellow Crew Mate's reviews as well! 

Life With Dog {Mill Creek Entertainment Reviews}
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