Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Apologia Ultimate Planners - Truly Are the Ultimate in Planners!!

Most of you already know about Apologia, and know that all of their products are totally awesome! The new Ultimate Planners are no exception. As for planners themselves, this IS THE BEST planner I have ever seen.

I have gone through many planners in my time and have never actually stuck with one for more than a few weeks. This planner has so many things going for it. First of all it is beautiful.

This planner comes in two different designs for you to choose from. I like that option. I chose the first one. It is even more beautiful in person. It has a lot of purple, which is my favorite color!!

Besides being beautiful, it's more than just a homeschool planner. It has a place for you to track character goals as well as academic goals, resource lists, a one year planning grid, monthly and weekly planning pages as well. It has plenty of room to write down all of your academic lessons, plus tons of room for extra notes. This can be your all around planner, date book, everything.

One of my favorite parts of this planner is that it is also a grade book. I don't have to keep two separate books! I also love that it has a place for you to keep track of everything your students are reading, or plan on reading.

I am very honest in my reviews, and I wouldn't say that I loved a product if I didn't. I love this product!
It is just so beautiful, and well laid out, and it just plain makes sense. If you have used many planners before, you know what I mean by this.

Besides the Ultimate Planner, I also received a student planner.

I received the Student Planner for Teens. This is pretty much a smaller version of the Ultimate Planner. Your child can write down all of his/her assignments in their own planner and keep track of what they need to do, and what they have finished. It even has a place every day to keep track of how many minutes/hours were spent on each subject.

I will say this...If you can only afford one planner, get the Ultimate Planner. Your kids can just look at it for their assignments, but if you can, get both. MY daughter likes having her own planner. She likes the fact that it is smaller, and she loves the All About Me section in the front. She can write down her favorite, books, bands, movies, etc..

I like that at the top of each weeks schedule it has an SAT word for them to learn. It also has a place for grades and reading lists.

Some really, really neat features of this planner are:

Credit Tracker
High School Records
Guide to Punctuation, Italics, and Capitalization
Fractions, Decimals, Percent Equivalency Chart---Totally Awesome!
Periodic Table Chart
Measurement Equivalency Chart
Algebra and Physics Review Charts
Maps and History Timelines
And More......

I highly recommend getting this planner along with the Ultimate Planner.

The cost of The Ultimate Planner is $28.

The cost of the Student Planners are $19.

I can honestly say that I can not see myself ever using another planner again. I will be sticking with this one...


Anonymous said...

Great review!

charla said...

I definitely plan on sticking with these planners as well. They are great!

Christephi S said...

Great review! I love how jam packed the planners are with helpful information. I think Debra Bell might be my new hero! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great review!!

Raquel Dunn said...

I love you blog layout! Very nice and great review!

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