Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We Are Moving!

A few months ago my husband came home and told me were were moving.
I was shocked! The weird thing was that I was ok with it. For a few months before that I had really been feeling like I wanted to move to land. If you know me well, you are probably cracking up right now. I know, me, land?
Ya right.
I know, but hey, when God wants something he can do it, right?
So, anyhow, he came home one day and told me we were moving to LAND!
So now we are in the process of getting our house up for sale and will soon be putting it on the market. I really hope it sells fast because I am ready to move. We have a really nice house but the thought of land is much more appealing. We are hoping to build though, so if that happens, I will post pictures of the whole proces. How fun!I never thought I would want to move back to the country. We moved from the country because we wanted to be in town. So it is ironic that we want to move back after only 3 years, but that seems to be the case. So, now we are going to move back to the country and we are going to get farm animals! LOL
We are hoping to be able to get our daugter a horse soon. My son wants pigs though, and I definately do NOT.
I am excited to start this new journey. I am looking forward to starting my own garden and making homemade meals and getting back to a simpler life. We are going to get cickens and let our daughter take care of them and sell the eggs and have her own little business. I think that will be a great experience for her.
I can't wait for my kids to have their own animals to take care of and give them some responsibility. I know it will not be easy and it will be a transition for us but it will be good for us.
I will keep you updated on our new journey!

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