Thursday, March 19, 2009

A few tips for procrastination...

Well, you are talking to the queen of procrastination! At least I used to be. I am much better now but still not quite there. I have found some things though that really do help.
1. You have to get your heart into it. This is something that I learned from reading Ministering to the Heart of your Child. I realized that when my heart wasn't really into whatever it was that I was doing, I would just keep putting it off. I saw things in a new light and realized that God wants me to be cheerful and grateful about things like the housekeeping and homeschooling!That makes me want to do things better knowing that it pleases God.
2. Another big thing I have found that really helps is that when there is something to be done, just get the mindset that if you will just hurry and get it done it will soon be over! LOLBut really, if I will just hurry and do the job or set a timer for me and the kids and see how much we can get done in a short amount of time, it works wonders!
3. If you are procrastinating because it is a repeat job that never seems to stay the way you want it, sit down and really try to see what the problem is and see if you can get some sort of organizational tools or containers to help you keep it up that way it wont be so daunting.
4. Call a friend and tell them you need motivation! This can really help. If you feel like you can't do it or don't have the motivation, let your friends help motivate you or even come over and help you with whatever it is that you are procastinating about!
5. Picture the end result! Just think about how much better you will feel when it is done! You will feel better and things will look better and then just try to daily maintain it so that it doesn't get back to the point where you are procrastinating about it.


The Real Me! said...

Hmmm! I thought I was the queen of procrastination. LOL. Good advice.
I hope you are able to follow it. I can usually give great advice but have a hard time following it myself! LOL.

rodnamomof2 said...

Hi Kim.
You would be proud of me then because I have actually been doing pretty well! I am not perfect yet but I am getting there. I have gotten to the point that I have been keeping up the whole house pretty well except for my room and the laundry. I will keep chipping away at it and get there. For once in my life though I see that I CAN do it.
Good luck.

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