Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Review of My Reviews - Day 2

It's day 2 and I'm back with more Reviews of My Reviews!

5. Pyramath, from I See Cards is a super fun math card game.
Your kids will be able to practice Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction while playing a fun card game.
You can play this as a two player game, or you can play solitaire style. 
I still highly recommend this game!

(Read my full review here.)

6. Salem Ridge Press is a publishing company that brings back quality children's books from the 1800's and the early 1900's.

The specific book that we reviewed was Soldier Fritz, from the Junior Church History series.
This is one of our favorite books ever!
I just love how it inspires you to stick with your faith no matter what others around you are doing.
In this book, the family has always been Catholic, but then they get a hold of a Bible, and realize that everything they have been taught did not line up to the Scriptures. This is wonderful story about a families journey to try to live by the word, without being caught and arrested for their faith. It is a great book. I highly recommend this book.

We have not bought any of the other books from SRP, but I do plan on doing so in the future.
I would love to have the entire Church History series.

(Read my full review here.)

 7. Schleich. I don't think there is much to say about Schleich! lol
 They are my kids most absolute favorite animals.
 We have tons now, by the way. They just fell in love with them.
 The quality is so great with these. These are toys that you can pass    down through the generations, they are that good of a quality.
I think they are worth the investment. They look much more real than most animal figurines.
I still definitely recommend these!

(Read my full review here.)

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