Sunday, January 16, 2011

B90 Check In/ Week 2

It's week 2, and I'm still hanging in there! HA

I am still one day's reading behind.

I am not sure how that happened, because I thought I was going to catch up, but somehow, I got a couple of days behind this weekend. So, I had to read a lot just to get caught back up to one day behind!

I really need to find a chart that also has the dates on it. I think that is what got me confused. I need the dates so that I can keep everything on track.

But I am proud of myself. I have never stuck with this before, and even though it is only week 2, I have gotten to the same point this time, that it took me many, many months to get to before.

I get overwhelmed almost with all of the rules and regulations that the people of Israel had.

I don't know how they kept up with it all!

I still don't understand the doubt, but I think it is like us, when God has always been there for us as well, but then sometimes we still doubt and worry about what will happen.

I guess we don't always learn our lessons either, huh?

I'll tell you, it was pretty hard to get through Leviticus ad Numbers, but I am so glad I made it through!

I hope everyone else is making it through as well, and coming to a better understanding of the Scripture.

I know I am!

See ya next week!


Tristan said...

I've got a bookmark with dates Rodna, email me and I'll send it to you.

Tristan from the Crew

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm stopping by from Group #17 in the B90 Challenge!

Great job on catching's hard when you get behind, but love the positive endurance.

May you feel blessed in this week's reading :)

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