Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It's workout Wednesday!
For those of you who do not know what workout Wednesday is, it is when we all comment to each other how we did for the week on getting healthier and/or losing weight! We encourage each other and help each other along during this journey. If you want to join us just jump right in and place your info in the comment box!
Sooo, How did you do this week?


rodnamomof2 said...

Well, I did ok this week. I have done a few things better than I have been. I have been drinking more water and trying not to overeat. I have lost 2 pounds but I can do much better. It was my week of the month so things are hareder for me to do then but I really hope to ramp it up this week and lose even more. My goal is to lose at least ten pounds by the end of December. How about you, do you have any goals to set for the end of December?

mommy4 said...

I don't have a scale at home, I hate scales. So I don't know how much I've lost. I am still drinking Cokes, but only two a day. My goal for this week is to go down to one a day. Last week was so hard for me with the Coke thing. I'm so addicted it ridiculous. I had the worst mirganes EVER. I'm sure it's just my body detoxing but it was terrible. Another goal of mine is to continue to work out. It's hard with four kids, homeschooling and doing all the other mom things but I have to do this for ME, and untimatly our family, a happy mom is a happy family. Right? So that's it. Good for you losing 2 pounds every pound adds up in the end. Great goal setting, I'll do the same, I'll have to get a scale and hide it form my preteen though, she might get on it more than me. Thanks for doing this and I pray that God will give us wisdom ans strenght for getting healthy!!

Nakeisha said...

Well I did ok....there were times I could of eaten better =)The beginning of this week I was still on my period but I'm not using that as an excuse for myself but I didn't lose anything still the same but I'm hoping to lose 2lbs next week and lose some inches....I did do good with my workouts daily 30minutes of cardio and then waling for 2miles around the walking trail and I've been drinking more water also....well Rodna with my goal of losing 2lbs next week if I can lose 2lbs each week then my goal would be 10lbs also =) I will do better this week ladies....Congrats Rodna on the 2lbs lost!! YEAH!!!
God bless you,Nakeisha

rodnamomof2 said...

Well, I could have done a lot better also. I still have had pop. Only one or two though instead of a LOT! HA I have been drinking more water but not yet enough. I JUST went on a walk so that is GOOD!
I really would like to lose some weight. I just have too many backaches, fatigue, etc...
I know just losing some weight will help.
I know periods are not a good excuse and I try to at least help my eating then but I can hardly stand or walk most days of my period so it is hard to do a workput or much of anything but I can get back on track when it is over and keep on going!
I really hope to be able to report more lost next week!

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