Sunday, November 23, 2008

Does God still heal today?

Font sizeLook, I understand that there are people who believe in miraculous healing and that there are those who do not.
I have always believed that it is possible, but could not say that I had experienced it.
I have prayed for a lot of things, to feel better or for my kids to feel better or for my dad to be healed from cancer, etc...
Now, I never gave up hope that it was possible, but I couldn't help but wonder.
I have had people tell me that healing no longer exist today, that it was only for a specific time that was needed to prove that Jesus was the Messiah.
I could bot help but wonder; see, I have not ever really had a miraculous healing, so maybe that was true, but, the thing is, I am a born again christian, led by the Holy Spirit, and I just knew that couldn't be true, But, then why had God never healed me or my kids or my dad etc, when I had asked?
And it was not like I did not believe that he could do this or that he still did.
I heard of it happening to others.
I also have had things happen to me or my family before.
My son was saved from dying only by the grace of God after an accident.
Yes, I was told, but it could not be miraculous, maybe it wasn't as bad as you thought, or there had to be some medical reason for this.
No, I said, I knew it was God, or was it?
Doubt creeps in and if you are not careful, it will take over and you might find yourself doubting what God has actually done for you.
What about all the times that things did work out for the best, maybe it was not an immediate, miraculous healing on the spot, but didn't God still have a hand in it?
Well, maybe???
What about the time that you prayed, dear God, please take away my stomach pain, and it went right away, but why did it happen only once out of hundreds of other times?
Was it just a coincidence?
Well, I can tell you one thing for certain, and this is my main point... Here goes..
A couple of months ago, I was listening to a debt seminar, it had nothing to do with healing or anything close to it, it was just about getting out of debt.
Well, I started to get a pain in my breast again, I had been going through bouts of a bad breast infection, and I was getting very ill, very sick, I decided that I would send a little text into the chat box and ask my friends to pray for me about this, well, that was not enough, God kept poking at me to ask Cindy, (Cindy Rushton), to pray for me.
I can't do that I thought, this is a debt seminar, not even related at all.
I could not get it off my mind though that God really wanted me to ask her.
If you do not know me, that was very hard for me to do.
Well, I went ahead and did it, even though I really didn't want to, why, I don't know. I just felt stupid asking for prayer for this sickness in the middle of this debt seminar.
But, I listened...
She started praying for me, out loud, right there during the seminar, I wish I could tell you what she said or how she prayed, but I can't. I did not hear a word she said after the first word or two. I was overcome with sobbing, I am not sure why, except that I know it was the Holy Spirit, it was God, I was uncontrollably sobbing and there was an amazing feeling of heat and tingling, it is so hard to explain, but I FELT it, I felt my infection being healed. I knew I was healed. Immediately afterward, I was no longer sick, I was no longer in pain.
I have not had any problems since then either, of course. I had been dealing with this for a few months and, yes, miraculously, I was healed.
So, if you have ever really wondered whether God still heals today, but you may not know anyone who has been healed, or you may be misinterpreting a scripture to say that it is no longer for today, I can assure you that it is. That God still heals today, without the help of doctors, he still can perform a miracle.
No, I do not know why he does not always heal, or why he does sometimes and not others, I wish I knew, but I don't. But what I do know is that he is God and he knows why.
I really believe that I was healed that day because I actually listened to His prodding for me to ask and stepped out of my comfort zone, and obeyed Him.
I have not told this to too many people but I felt like, why on earth would I NOT want to share this, and I know there are those out there who are deceived into believing that miracles to not exist today, and so, I wanted to share this with all of my friends and anyone who has ever had this question... Does God still heal today? The answer is Yes..
Love, Rodna


mommy4 said...

thank you for sharing your story. I KNOW God still heals today. I have four kiddos but my two middle children, 3 years apart, were preemies. They were born at 23 weeks. One weighed 1 pound three ounces and the other 1 pound four ounces. The doctor's thought I was absolutly NUTS to try to rescue them but I was at the ONLY hospital that would save a baby so early. Most hospitals here have a very strict 24 week policy. It was rough for a while but now one is 7 and the other is 4. They have absolutly NO side effects from their prematurity. They are both just as smart as they can be and are as healthy, if not healthier than the average kiddo. I know God saved both of my children. They, according the the doctors, are not even supposed to be here. And to top it off my heart was so broken from not carrying a full term baby since my first that God healed my body as well. My last preemie was still in the hospital when I found out I was pregnant again!! He was only three months old and not even home. I wanted to DIE!! But through all the fear God showed me that He is always in control. He knew the desires of my heart and answered my prayer by letting me carry my last baby full term! She even stayed in for 41 weeks!!! I know our God is an amazing and loving God. Not some distant God but a personal God who wants to show himself to his people, if only we ask! His eyes are looking to and fro for someone to believe and we have chosen to believe even when it just seems so impossible!! We serve an amazing God!!

rodnamomof2 said...

Yes, we do. This is an amazing story. I am so blessed by it. It always makes you stronger to hear others going through things as well and to hear of their perseverence and their faith and to see how God works in the lives of others.
I love you and your babies, evwen though I don't kow them, but I was so blessed to hear this story.
Love, Rodna

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