Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TOS Review/ Go Trybe

GoTrybe is an online Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition and Motivation program for kids of all ages.

There are 3 different groups available.

My son is in Zoodoos, and my daughter is in Trybe180.

Each day your child logs in, and they do four things.

1. Watch a nutrition video, and answer a question about the video.
2. Watch a motivation video.
3. Watch a wellness video, and answer a question about the video.
4. Customize, and do their workout.

The videos are very short, just a minute or two.

After completing these four things, they can then buy items, such as clothes and accessories for their avatar.

There is also a forum for the kids if they have any questions they would like answered.

On their page is where they can see their avatar, and can post information about themselves, such as their favorite color, favorite song, favorite movie, etc.

They can also have "friends". They can see the avatar and pages of their friends.

It is very reminiscent of Facebook to me. They can even post a "shout" like you can on Facebook.

We did not do this part, as I don't want my kids having a FB page, or anything even similar. 

There are some good things, and some not so good things about this program.

I like the fact that kids are learning healthy tips, and that they can customize their workouts.

My favorite part of this program was the fitness and nutrition tidbits that they learned in the videos.

Although, something I noticed was that the videos and questions did not seem to be age related. Both of my kids seemed to have gotten the same type of questions.

There are some things, however, that I do not care for. .

I really don't like the looks of the older avatars.

In my opinion, the girl especially, is a little to sexy for a kids program. I don't like the body stance at all.
Again, this is only my opinion.

I had my older daughter choose the younger avatar. They seem more appropriate to me.

The younger avatars are the shorter ones. I just don't like the impression the older ones give off.

This is my daughters avatar:

And this is my son's:

I am going to up front and honest in this review. 

I did not use this program as thoroughly as I probably should have, but I will tell you why. 

First off it takes way too much time, in my opinion. Your child gets on the computer to choose his workouts, and that takes forever. At least it does with my kids. It takes them longer to choose from all of the workouts, than it does to do the actual workout. 

They never could seem to make up their minds. It was very frustrating for me. 

Secondly, after doing some of the older workouts with my daughter, and finding some of the dance moves inappropriate, I discontinued her use of the program. I don't know exactly how to explain the dance moves except that they remind me of Salsa type dances. (Sexy hip movement type stuff.)

I did not care for some of the attire that some of the instructors were wearing. There were some very short skirts, and tight tops, and couple that with some of the dance moves they were doing, and it made us very uncomfortable. 

Also, in some of the educational videos, there were several ladies wearing tops that showed quite a bit of cleavage. 

I know that modesty is subjective, and that everyone has their own opinion on what is modest, and what is not, so keep that in mind, and remember that this review is my opinion only. 

But it is enough for me to not want to continue this program. 

My daughter and son both said that the only thing they liked about the program was creating their avatars, and buying accessories for their avatars. 

My daughter also said that the dance moves were too hard to follow.

For us it just didn't fit, but I urge you to check it out for yourself to see if it is something that your family would like. 

I like the idea behind it. I would be cool to have a program that you could customize your own workout everyday. 

It is just not something that works for us right now. 

You can get a one day free trial of Gotrybe when you enter "GETFIT" as your promo code. 

If you decide to continue using after the free trial period, the cost of a one year membership is $19.95 (regularly $39.95).


*I have received a trial membership to Gotrybe, free, as a member of the TOS Homeschool Review Crew, in return for my honest opinion.
No other compensation has been given to me.*

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