Monday, May 9, 2011

History...Hated it in School...Love it in Homeschool

TOS Homeschool Crew
What is my favorite thing to teach my children? Hmm, that is a toughie. I honestly enjoy teaching my children so many things.

You know, in school I really didn't like any subjects. The only class I liked was typing. HA

Now that I am teaching my own kids, I find that I actually like a lot of things that I previously didn't like.

History is now one of my favorite subjects. I love teaching it to my kids, and learning about it myself.

I think the difference is in the way I teach it, as opposed to the way I was taught in public school. We have so much fun reading history books, and doing fun history projects.

I really like learning about how we became the nation we are today.

We usually teach history in unit study form, and I teach both of my kids at the same time. There is a big age difference, but the younger one just doesn't do as much as my older one does.

I also have books for both ages on the same subject. 

Recently we have been studying about Betsy Ross, and the revolutionary time period. OH, it has been a blast.

I think history is my favorite subject to teach, but, I am just starting to teach my son to read, and that is so much fun too!

It is awesome to be able to see your children learn to read, and to know that you taught them, not someone else.

It is such a joy to me to see my kids learning new things. It is a mother's joy to see her kids learning, and loving to learn.

I thank God for the ability to homeschool my children, and for the joy it is to teach them.

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Kimberly said...

I love teaching reading and history too! In school, history was horridly boring - we learned about nothing but Canada - over and over again every year. Canada is a young country, we don't have all that much history to study! I love most subjects, it was hard to pick one favourite :)

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