Sunday, March 13, 2011

Keeping your dishes to a minimum

I don't know about you, but I am so tired of my kids using up all the dishes.

I really wish they would wash their dishes and reuse them, but that doesn't happen. 

So to help ease the load, I decided to give them 2 plates, bowls, and cups apiece. 
These are different colors, or patterns, so that they can tell the difference between theirs. 

This way they can only use that amount of dishes, and if they need more, they can wash them. 

At least that is the goal. 

I have not gotten them in the habit of washing them yet.

I just bought them new dishes yesterday, and will be working on this all week. 

I got rid of the rest of the plastic dishes that just built up in the sink. 

This way, even if they don't wash them, I won't have as many to wash. 

I think this is really gonna help keep the dishes to a minimum.

Let me know if you try this and if it works for you, or let me know how you keep your dishes to a minimum.

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North Laurel said...

Very good points. Something I struggle with. I want to have less to wash but at the same time, I want the extras for when I don't want to have to wash them to have a dish to eat with!
AH! Light bulb moment for me- I can cut back on the dishes we use regularly and stash the others away for when we have company or need more. Now the trick is to leave the stash alone unless it's really needed.
Glad you posted this today! I just did a sink and counter full of dishes! Time to purge! (or stash ;)
*and I can't stand plastic dishes so they've been on the way out for awhile now

Rodna Allman said...

Blossom, I thought the same thing, keeping the other back, but they keep getting used.
I figure you are going to have to wash them anyways, and at least this way there will be less to wash.
But you are right, sometimes you just don't feel like washing them. lol

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

A couple of years ago we cut back to 4 of very thing in the cupboard. I stored the rest of the dishes. We found that washing 4 a few times a day helped to discipline the habit of doing it "now". And, the kids didn't just keep grabbing a new plate, they had to rinse one to use one. Now, we are all restocked with plastic ware due to our hard tile floors, and the boys each take turns with the dishwasher, we tried an every day swap and ended up with a weekly swap. It is hard to walk by the sink full of dishes, but they have to see it pile up and know the difference between get er done, and stand there for an hour. ;) and - it seems to give them the desire to put their own dish in the wash, knowing how sad they get when they feel like they are the dish slave on their week. :) Thanks for the encouragement though- I might go through and scale us back again!

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

What a great idea about the dishes! You are giving me ideas....

i cant decide said...

This is a great idea!

My solution to this problem is to have the children do the dishes. We use a dishwasher and my children are older so this works well for us.

Lorus! said...

Great ideas! My children do the majority of the dishes, but we also have very limited storage space in our kitchen - and therefore very limited dishes. This wasn't planned,just a necessity, but I can see that it probably helps keep things under control! So I will take this as a reason to be thankful instead of wishing for more cabinet space :)

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