Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grandmother's Funeral Today

My husband's grandmother passed away a few days ago, and today was the funeral.

I wasn't sure if I should take my 6 year old, but he really wanted to go, and he knew her pretty well, so I thought it would be good for him to go.

He did really well. I think it was important for him to go.

This was also my daughters first funeral. She is 13.

It was really hard on her.

It is always sad when a loved one dies, but the good news is that she had given her life over to the Lord a few years ago.

She was 90 years old, and she was in her 80's before she gave her life to Christ.

I find that so interesting. I am glad the Lord let her live those extra few years here on earth so that she could surrender her life to Him.

The burial was a couple of hours away, so we didn't go to that part, but I took my son to the cemetery where my dad and grandpa are buried, so that he could understand what a cemetery was, and what type of place she would be buried in. 

I am glad I did, because he had an idea that when people died, they got put in big tanks of sand, without a casket.

I don't know where he got that idea, but I guess we do talk about being buried in the ground, but who knows?

Kids sometimes have some funny ideas of how things work.

When I was pregnant with my son, my daughter kept getting more and more scared the closer it came to the due date. I finally figured out why.

She thought the baby would just rip up through my stomach to get out! Wow, that would be scary.

So, I see that it is sometimes better to tell them the truth about things, otherwise they will think of something on their own, and it may just be worse than the truth.

My father-in-law said a really nice speech at the funeral. He spoke of making sure that you have a relationship with Christ, and the importance of knowing Him.

Most of the people who read my blog probably already know the Lord, but, if you don't, I urge you to think about your eternity.

You will eventually go to one place or the other, whether you like to think about it or not.
You can have assurance of where you are going.

You can also be assured of where you will go if you do not know the Lord.

The choice is up to you, but you have to earnestly seek Him.

Just saying a prayer for the sake of saying a prayer will do you no good.

If you sincerely seek Him, realize that you are a sinner, and that you can do no good apart from Him, He will be there.

He says if you seek Him, you will find Him.

Seek Him everyday. Read His Word everyday. Get to know Him. He is amazing.

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Lorus! said...

We are facing this exact situation. I am thankful that my husband's grandma is a Christian, but we will still miss her! I am thankful that our children have been able to know her but this will be the first funeral for all of them as well.

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