Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Zipporah Beauty

I have been meaning to tell you all about Zipporah Beauty for a long time, but just haven't had the brain to do it!  J/K.

It has been awfully busy around here though.

The reason I am telling you about Zipporah beauty, is that my wonderful sister-in-law created it!

Yep!  I know we all love home based businesses, and I wanted to share this one with you.

What is Zipporah Beauty?

I will let her own words tell you. This is directly from her website.

"About Zipporah Beauty LLC

Nakeisha James founded Zipporah Beauty in January of 2009. She's a wife & mother of 3 who has a passion for  having a healthy head of hair & soft skin. Her passion started with haircare.

In the past she had  experienced major hair breakage. Her hair was so damaged & unhealthy. So that's when she began doing extensive research & gained a wealth of knowledge on healthy haircare. She began getting her hair back to better health.

She soon began mixing ingredients together to make a few of the products that you see her store today (Green Tea Hair & Body Butter,Cocoa Butter Delight,and Vanilla Mint Moisturizing Hair Serum), it worked great for her hair as well as her family's hair. Soon Zipporah Beauty was born.

She wanted to provide products for women that didn't contain harsh ingredients. So  In June of 2009 she made the decision to go natural. To wear her hair naturally without the use chemicals that would alter/change her hairs naturally texture

She chopped off her relaxed hair. For the first time she began to truly appreciate the beauty & texture of the hair God gave her. So always remember to love the hair God gave you.

So whether your hair is relaxed, texlaxed/texturized, transitioning,or naturally wavy/curly/coily/kinky  Zipporah Beauty will provide you with products that will meet your hair's daily needs. In the future she also plans to have: a product line for baby's,a men's line,soaps,bath salts/soaks,and much more.

Zipporah Beauty's mission is to provide a way for women to achieve  beautiful glowing skin along with a healthy head of hair naturally. My natural/organic products will put a stop to dry skin & hair.

Once you've tried Zipporah Beauty products I'm certain you will agree these are wonderful products. Thank you for stopping by & I hope you find the product that meets your hair's needs.

God Bless,
Nakeisha James"
Zipporah Beauty Gift Set  

As you can see, she is passionate about her hair, and helping it to be as good as it can be, naturally. 

She has ton's of You Tube videos, and a NING website,  to help you along, as well as her product website.  
Please check her out and see if she can help you, or someone you know. 
Thanks a bunch guys. Merry Christmas!

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NaTuRaLbEaUtY81 said...

thank you so much sis for spreading the word!!!! looking forward to coming over for Christmas!!

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