Friday, December 3, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

Alright, so, Um, Yeah, I am the same. Pathetic, I know.
BUT, let me tell you something good.
I am realizing why I am not working out and eating better, and for me, it is all about being organized.
I have been working on that, and I know that I will get it.
I have to work it in,a nd I have to have everything ready, especially food wise.
So, I have been doing better on some things, but I am def. working on getting things more organized at home, so that I can add these things in easily.
So, while I have not done well so far, I am not giving up, and I am fixing the things that are in my way.
I have been super busy, and I really think that after the holidays it will be much easier for me, so I hope we will have another challenge for the new year as well.
OK, well, I hope you all did great!


Kelly said...

At least you are getting to the root of the problem. Keep at it. Don't just wait until the New Year.

momma24 said...

Sometimes the biggest break-throughs are the mental ones. Keep at it, you can do it! :-D

Lorus! said...

Great attitude! It sounds like you are on the road to better health. I hope there is another challenge for the new year as well!

Briana said...

Being organized is key, you are right. Good job for figuring out what will help you succeed. You can do it! Have an excellent week, next week.

Laura O said...

Identifying those stumbling blocks is so important if we want to push past them. Good luck with the organization aspect. Hopefully you'll be on track soon.

Annie Kate said...

Being organized makes such a difference! Just realizing that that is a problem is a huge step forward. Good for you!

Annie Kate

SisterTipster said...

Don't give up! AND remember it's one day at a time~ sending a hug!

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