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Princess Cut/ TOS Review

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Princess Cut The Movie

If you have teenagers in your home, this is a must watch movie for them, especially if you have teenage girls. 

I was lucky enough to have received a copy of this movie, Princess Cut, by Watchman Pictures, and I am SO thankful that I was. 

This has got to be one of my favorite movies, and I will be telling all of my friends about it, especially those with teenage children. 

My daughter is grown but I have a 13 year old son that I asked to watch it with me. I got a little grumbling, because he is a boy and didn't want to watch a girly movie called "Princess Cut". I expected that though. I watched some of his super hero movies with him in exchange for his watching this with me! HA! 

We sat down to watch the movie, and surprisingly he watched the whole thing without one single gripe! THAT says a LOT right there!

I don't want to give away the whole movie but I feel like this movie is based on real life, things we all face and go through as young adults, or even older adults who have never been married, or are going through this stage of life for a second time. 

The main girl in the movie is much like the typical girl, however she does have strong values, and wants to save any physicality for marriage. 

She reminds me of myself and many other girls that I know. They want to do things the right way, but it is sometimes hard. There is pressure from the world, pressure from guys, etc. 

She goes through a couple of relationships that just aren't what she wants, but she keeps trying because she wants so desperately to be married. I feel like a lot of girls and women feel this way. We tend to settle or not stick to our beliefs because we are lonely or just want someone so badly that we don't wait on God's timing. 

In one of her relationships, she is constantly battling the pressure form her boyfriend to be physical. In the film the physical part they are referring to is just kissing. This is a perfect family film. There is nothing that you would worry about your kids of any age watching. 

He ends up kissing her when she really doesn't want to. She finally talks to her parents about it and she realizes that he is not the one for her and she decides to stop looking and just trust God to write her love story. 

By waiting on God to bring her the right person, she finds someone who brings in the same values that she has and also doesn't want to be physical before marriage either and believes that she is too precious to do things any other way.

It was such a sweet movie. It was such a powerful movie. I think it shows girls and women that it is OK to wait, and that God will bring them their perfect match if they are willing to wait on Him. 
I think it also shows men the right and wrong ways to treat women, and what a good Christian girl would expect from him. 

When the movie was over, the first thing my son said was " There wasn't even one single kiss in that movie!" I laughed and said well, isn't that good?  and he said " Well, in the end they were married, so they should have at least  kissed then. " lol 

I personally think that it was good that they didn't show any kissing, even after they were married. It shows that you can still have a very good movie without sexualizing it. 

I love watching movies like these because it makes you feel good. I think it also helps you to stay on the right track in life. What you watch really does make a difference in your life, and the lives of your children. This movie is very encouraging. 

A lot of times our children think Christian films are cheesy. (Let's face it, we think that sometimes too) This is not one of them. I think they will really enjoy it. If my 13 year old son did, I am sure yours will as well!

I feel like the title of the movie has a double meaning. Princess Cut, as in the girl is cut out to be treated as a princess; a princess of God, and of course, princess cut as in the style of wedding ring. (By the way, princess cut is my favorite stone as well as what my ring is, so I loved this)
I can't recommend this film enough. Please pick it up and watch it with your family. It sparked some good conversations with my son about what christian girls really want, and how not to pressure anyone, and how waiting really is the best thing for both of you!

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