Monday, November 6, 2017

Little Sweeties

These little sweeties. It sure has been wonderful, and challenging to have my niece staying with us. 

Her and Brently love to play together and act just like brother's and sisters. 

It is a little difficult to adjust, though. I am not used to having children close in age. All of mine were so far apart. 

It's like I just got another daughter, but she is 5 years old. Expenses have doubled, because one cannot get anything without the other one wanting one too, we are late everywhere we go because I am not used to having to get two children ready, and one being a girl! 

I am loving teaching her, but she is more difficult to teach than my other children were. 

Have any of you taken in a child and how did you adjust to the new way of life? 

I wouldn't change it, and I'm not complaining, even though it sounds like it a bit. I love her to pieces, but it has been challenging at times. She misses her mom, and therefore acts out sometimes. 

I have to be careful of my attitude. I notice if I get mad or frustrated at her, her attitude really comes out. And its hard sometimes not to get frustrated with her behavior. 

If anyone has any advice for this situation, I would greatly appreciate some!

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