Saturday, August 13, 2011

How Things are Going With PAL and Reading

We are still using PAL, and we really like it, but I must admit that it is slow going. 
Pal teaches things really fast. It is too fast for my son. 

We are not giving up on it though, we are just going at it a little slower. 

One thing I have done is take a break from the lessons to practice what we have learned so far, so that he really knows and understand what he is learning.

We are using the folder games, but I also made up two more games of my own. 

I took all the "helpers" that he is learning, and made a match game out of them. 

I also made a match game out of the color sight words he is learning. 

This is really helping. 

Something else that I am doing right now is focusing more on the I See Sam Readers

This is much easier for him right now. 
So we are going to do more of the I See Sam readers, and practice what we have learned in PAL so far, and then take each PAL lesson slowly. 

It might take us a lot longer to get through the lessons, but that is OK. 

If you are using PAL, and it is going a little too fast for you, just remember that it is OK to slow down,and tailor it to your child. 

For those of you who use pal, how is it going for you?


Tess said...

I've been planning on blogging about PAL and I just haven't done it yet. I've got both the Reading and the Writing and I love how it is integrated. For us the reading is the *perfect* pace but then Supergirl is already reading some sight words and CVC words. It's the writing that we are struggling with but that is because of fine motor skills. Seeing your post, I really do need to take the time to blog about PAL. Overall it is a great fit for us.

Cristi said...

We start PAL (Reading and Writing) on Monday. I plan to alternate days between the reading and the writing lessons so it'll slow it down a little, but I won't panic if we have to go even slower.

Very Blessed Mamma said...

I don't have the writing portion. For us the writing portion would go much faster than the reading is.

I have blogged about PAL here if you would like to read it.

Lorus! said...

I heard about PAL first in the post you did a while back. It has been a perfect fit for us too. We have been working with it for almost a month but are just now on lesson 12. We are taking a day off here and there to simply review the lesson from the day before. We are using both Reading and Writing.

Giggly Girls said...

I love hearing about PAL. It's something I plan on using with my little one. I've got a year or two to wait though. Sigh... LOL

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

So very fancy! Love the new do!

Crystal said...

LOVE the new look!

Michelle said...

I love reading about how homeschoolers tweak things to work for them! Great job!

Jesse said...

Isn't it great that we can take things and make them fit the way our children work? Great job on thinking up new games!

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