Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Living My Dream

TOS Homeschool Crew
This weeks Blog Cruise question is...If I weren't homeschooling, what would my dream job be?

When I was younger, I always wanted to be a singer. lol (No, I can't sing that well. )

I also really wanted to be a therapist. I really wanted to help other teens through a lot of the stuff I went through as a kid.

Then, even after I was married, I wanted to be a cosmetologist.  Boy, am I  glad I didn't pursue that. I cut my family's hair, and that is enough for me. lol

But, honestly, even as a teenager, I just wanted to have kids. 

I think I wanted to have them for different reasons than most though. I wanted to have a child of my own so badly, so that I would have someone to love, and someone to love me back.

I wanted to prove to my mom, that I could be a good mom, even a better mom than she had been. I wanted to be there for my kids, and have a different kind of relationship with my kids than I had with my mom.

Now, as an adult, I don't hold grudges, but having kids is still my dream. Just for different reasons now.

Now, I want to raise Godly children, and Train them up in the way they should go.

I love homeschooling my children, and I hope to have more in the future.

It really is my biggest joy in life. There is nothing I would rather be doing.

So, I don't have another dream. If I weren't homeschooling, my dream would be homeschooling a family, and training them up for Christ.

I'm living my dream. What could be better than that?

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Doreen said...

Gosh, I can totally relate to wanting to prove that I could be a good Mom. The Enemy sure knows how to put doubt and insecurity into us! I'm sure you are a great Mom. I love reading your posts. I thought I was already a follower because I've been here so often! LOL But, now I am for sure!
Be blessed,

Kelly said...

That is truly the best!

Vickie said...

I didn't want kids to prove anything to my parents....I had great parents that did all they could the best they could. Adoption was on my heart from my teen years. I never really gave much though to "having" my own but adopting my family. I have been blessed to be able to have both sides now. I get the added bonus of homeschooling them too. I'm living my dream as well.

Michelle Smith said...

I'm glad you love your children and love training them and raising them up! It truly is the most important job, isn't it?

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