Monday, February 21, 2011

Blendtec vs. Vitamix - I just ordered a Blendtec, and I'm so excited! 

I just ordered a Blendtec Home Blender. I am so excited!

If you haven't heard of a Blendtec before, it does basically the same things as a Vitamix.

I was actually going to get a Vitamix, until I started researching the Blendtec.

If you are not familiar with either one, I'll tell you a little about what they can do.

Both the Vitamix, and the Blendtec replace many appliances.

This one appliance will take the place of a juicer, blender, food processor, (to a degree, I would say it really takes the place of a chopper), bread maker, ice cream maker, wheat mill, and more, plus it makes hot soup as well.

This is why I wanted one of these. I have really needed a blender for a long time, and my juicer needs a new mesh thingy.  I have also really been wanting a wheat mill, and every summer I want an ice cream maker. lol

Now, I will be able to do it all in one appliance.

I am really hoping that the Blendtec will be as good as the Vitamix.

The Blendtec is about $50 cheaper than the Vitamix, but once you add in the extra container you need with the Vitamix to blend your dry ingredients, it is closer to $200 cheaper.

Also, it is shorter than the Vitamix, so it will fit under your cabinets. To be fair though, the Vitamix did recently come out with a shorter jar.

The Blendtec has a square container with only 2 blades, that makes it much easier to clean. I have not actually tried it myself yet, but all of the reviews seem to say this.

The Vitamix is a taller, slimmer jar with 4 blades at the bottom, that makes it harder to clean, and most people say that you can never totally get all of your smoothie, ice cream, or whatever you made out, because of the 4 blades. Both the Vitamix, and the Blendtec have BPA free jars.

The Blendtec came out with a bigger, 3 qt. (96 oz.) container with a 4 inch blade. Here is where the Blendtec seems to shine. From all of the reviews that I have read, and I have read hundreds, this makes the whole difference.

From all of the research I have done, the Vitamix, and the Blendtec were pretty equal before Blendtec came out with the bigger jar.

I have read hundreds of reviews, and have watched many, many, video reviews, and especially in the video reviews, the Blendtec, with the bigger jar, always seems to outshine the Vitamix.

Here is one video that I really liked that compared the Vitamix to the Blendtec with the smaller, and the bigger jar. (The guy is a little weird, but I love the video)! lol

As you can see from this video, the Blendtec with the bigger jar, really seems to be the best bet.

Another thing that I liked about the Blendtec is that it is not as heavy as the Vitamix.

My husband liked the Blendtec better because it has more HP, and more Watts than the Vitamix.
(More Power....) HA HA HA!

Here is one more video, from the same people, that I think is really helpful.

The Blendtec Blender is a lot more modern looking than the Vitamix. Although the base of the Blendtec is made of a cheaper plastic material than the Vitamix.

With the Vitamix you need 2 separate containers. One for wet ingredients, and one for dry.
With the Blendtec, you can do both in one jar.

I know the Vitamix has been around forever, and the Blendtec is not as well advertised, but I am taking my chances on the Blendtec.

Remember, I have not personally tried either the Blendtec, or the Vitamix, this is only based off of my research. 

I ordered mine this morning, and it has already been shipped! It should be here tomorrow by 3! Whoo-hoo! I am so excited. The one I ordered is the Blendtec HP3A Home Blender with Wildside Jar.

I'll let you guys know if it really works as well as it seems to. I'll keep you updated, and maybe I'll make some videos of all that it can do.

OK, I'll be back soon with my updates.


Kimberly Kovach said...

You will enjoy the Blendtec for sure! I have been a Vitamix girl for about 20 years and the people are wrong about not being able to clean it well. Vitamix tells you to put 2 cups of H2O and a squirt of soap in, then blend for 2 minutes. Works for me. Probably your Blendtec will do the same, so try it as it makes clean-up so easy. You will love, love, love it. I make gravy, Banana "Ice Cream" and so much more.

Very Blessed Mamma said...

Thank you Kimberly. I am just so excited to be getting this. I'll have to try the gravy!

Kimberly Kovach said...

Cashew Gravy

2 c. hot water
1/2 c. cashews
2 tsp. onion powder
2 Tbs. cornstarch or arrowroot
1/2 tsp. salt

Use as is for white sauce. Add 1 Tbs. food yeast for gravy OR soy sauce instead of salt and food yeast. I use the yellow yeast flakes. (recipe from Cooking with Natural Foods by Muriel Beltz)

I just thought of another great blender recipe-hummus! That has been another hit at church events. You can find all sorts of recipes online. I add Tamari and a secret ingredient-hot sauce. Yummy. If you are interested, I also make a non-dairy nacho cheese with cashews.

Family Style School said...

I have been wanting a Blendtec for along time. My husband went to Costco to get one for my birthday once, and the Costco associate told him, this "other" brand will do the same and last as long. So he went with the other brand. Non the less, I still long for a Blendtec. YOU LUCKY GIRL!

April Jones said...

The videos you posted are excellent. He gives a great comparison esp for the two pitchers.

I had an interesting experience during my first week with my new blendtec. I blogged about it here...
My first Blendtec experience.

I agree with you Kimberly, they are both excellent machines. Thanks for the Cashew recipe. I'll give it a try. I am interested in the non-dairy nacho cheese recipe too. :)

Very Blessed Mamma said...

April, I just read youe experience, and I am glad I didn't have that kind of experience. I would be crying by now. So glad it all worked out though.
Did you ever figure out why it was so loud, and why the banana didn't blend as well.
Was it the 2 qt container?
I have the 3 and it worked amazing!
Although, I only tried it tonight. lol

April Jones said...

I think the reason the bananas did not blend was because I pressed the 'smoothie' button only one time, expecting it to do its thing and be done. Now I usually press a button with more power like whole juice or I just speed up to 9 when I use frozen bananas.

I think I was a bit scared of breaking it, but that is not a concern now. Not sure which jar I used.

Is your blender not loud? Mine is terribly loud. Especially when I am used to having ear protection. :) Maybe it's the layout of my kitchen, not sure.

Very Blessed Mamma said...

No, it is not that loud. I mean it is loud, but nothing close to needing ear protection or needing to leave the room.
What model is yours? Is it the Total Blender? Mine is the newer Blendtec Home Blender.
Maybe that is it?
I thought I may have broken mine tonight when I put in a bag of frozen peaches, and some of them were not broken up.
It seems OK though.

MeritK said...

Thanks for this comparision - I have been trying to research the Vitamix as well so I really appreciate knowing about alternatives that work well before I spend all that $$$ :) Great post and very helpful info!

April Jones said...

Yes, I too have the Blendtec Total Home Blender. It's amazing how it can crunch up even a frozen clump of just takes time.Did you get a creamy consistency...eventually?

The smoothie recipes in the recipe book are awesome.

Try the tortilla soup too. It's one of our faves.

I think due to the layout of my kitchen and no counter space or things to absorb the loudness makes it louder. I did not notice that when at Sam's watching the demo.

Jesse, said...

We love, love our Blendtec. I make peanut butter, smoothies, flour, soup...on and on. We've had it for over and I still love it as much as the day I brought it home!

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

Sounds like you're enjoying your new blender. :) My Blendtec is not loud - well, not any louder than a regular blender.

The other thing that is very nice about the base of the Blendtec is that is super easy to wipe clean when those little spills and splatters happen.

I may have missed it in your post, but what color did you get?

Very Blessed Mamma said...

Heather, I got black.
i am loving it, BUT, I am wondering if it is just me, or if it seems as if it is not working as well as is was the first few days.
Mainly because sometimes it doesn't bled up all of the fruit, or ice, and will leave chunks.
I guess you may just have to do it a second time, but it didn't seem as if I had to do it a second time in the beginning.
When I try to make the ice cream a little thicker by using a little more fruit, it does the same thing.
It may be that I just have to figure out the right ratios of everything, and that it takes a little getting used to. We will see.

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